Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hello Weekend

Hello Weekend! You are here again! Can you stay a little longer this time? It seems like you are here and gone so quickly each time. We don't get much of a chance to relax and just hang out. I am always trying to catch up on everything I didn't get done during the week. I blink a couple of times and you are gone...again. 

Hello Weekend! One of our two days is already gone! The guilt of sleeping in and not getting right to work on the house pains me as I sit here and type these words. I could have gotten so much more done had I gotten up. I beat myself up for the things I didn't do yet fail to see the things I was able to get done. I only see what is still on my to-do list and think how much bigger that list will be the next time you are here. 

...NO! Not this time! I will not beat myself up for spending some of my time resting and just sitting in the peace and quiet. Quiet is a rare commodity in my life. I need to learn to cherish it. I will jump for joy that I was able to get four cabinets and one drawer cleaned out and organized. I will be glad that I did the dishes and put them away. I only have two cabinets plus under the sink left to clean out. That is major! My teen cleaned the bathroom, playroom, kids library and craft area. So we are ready for Monday morning and YOU are still here. That is something rare these days, too. Granted, our sweet grands are not here this weekend so those rooms will stay cleaned up for once. Which reminds me, we miss them.

Hello Weekend! They say you should find a job you don't need a vacation from. But in reality, we all need a vacation from whatever kind of life we choose. My husband and I LOVE to go to the mountains. That is something we haven't been able to do in a long time. We went 3 times a year for a couple of years so I have tried to plan trips to other places so we can see more of the USA and not just one state. This year we are headed to Disney World for the very first time. I am super excited. It will be Christmas for everyone that goes but not all of my kids get to go this time. It is my hope that they can join us another time. Next year we will celebrate 38 years together and 35 years of marriage. We are planning a trip to Punta Cana with the company I started my new business with. It is their incentive trip for this year. Even though it's tropical instead of mountains, I know it will be beautiful and relaxing. As long as we are together, it will be amazing.

Hello Weekend! I'm getting rid of clutter and downsizing to make our house feel more like a home. To be able to keep it cleaner, easier. I'm vowing to STOP being the pack-rat that I used to be because it just makes things feel junkie instead of comfortable. I'll have to spend just a bit more of our time together working on that. I have more closets and a few more rooms to clean out. But when it is done we will be FREE to enjoy our time together. Oh, won't that be grand? 

Hello Weekend! We have a bright future to look forward to. We will do fun, family and couple things when you are here each week. I can't wait to put some on the calendar. THAT is the key to getting things done, even fun things. We will spend our time with you doing things that FEEL like a vacation instead of work. We will get the rooms cleaned and keep the dishes done daily. We will do major cleaning one room at a time during the week. Laundry will be done Monday through Friday and not be left for the weekend. Meal planning and grocery shopping will be done late Friday afternoon followed by meal prep BEFORE it becomes our family game night. We will not use all of our time with you to play catch up and run errands. We will spend it doing some type of family activity and each have some time to ourselves. My first and foremost favorite alone activity is to read and my list of to-be-read grows daily. I look forward to being able to do that again.

Hello Weekend! Let's make our last day together this week something special. No negative thoughts to drown out the good. No judgement for that afternoon nap I know I will want to take after church and lunch. We can do a bit more planning for the weeks ahead, making sure our summer is one we will look back on and smile. Fill our FB with pictures of fun things each time we are together. Then each year on that date they will pop up and we can smile about them. 


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