Thursday, May 31, 2007

This is it. The new skateboard that I bought for my son last Friday evening. Isn't is nice? And not cheap either. Have you priced skateboards lately? They sell you every piece individually. And then after you pay for it they put it all together while you wait. He was so thrilled to finally get one. He had done some serious shopping in stores and on line to pick out the one he wanted. All of his friends and "so called friends" have one or more already. I feel bad now and wish I would have gotten him one a long time ago so he would know how to use it already. But like a friend told me, I can't think that way because if I had gotten it sooner he would have hurt himself sooner. Yes, it's true........................

What can I say? These things happen. My son broke his arm after having his brand new skateboard for less than 3 days. Since it was a three day weekend his dad didn't have to go to work Sunday night so he took him to the park that afternoon. I thought that was great, some father/son time. They were home in less than an hour. John jokingly said he broke his arm. You might not believe this but this was the first "break" in our family. I have been a mom for over 20 years and have 4 kids and this is the first time one of them has broken something. Does this mean that now they will make up for lost time? I am surprised that more bones have not been broken. My 8 year old is a dare devil deluxe. He will climb doorways, for goodness sake! And he does crazy things on the playground, too. But I never broke anything and lived in a tree until I was 13 and moved to a new house. Now their dad is a different story. He broke his arm because a tree limb broke with him on it.

We didn't take him to the doctor right away because he really didn't act like he broke it. We thought it might just be bruised. So we waited. He told us on Tuesday that it felt better so he didn't want to go get it looked at. But by Wednesday night he was pretty miserable and after talking to some adults at church we knew we needed to call and get something done. We took him today and got x-rays. Sure enough, broken. And in a spot the doctors said was odd. So he went to get it in a cast and the doctor did not set the break. They are hoping it will move into place with it in the cast. If it doesn't then after camp they will have to go in and fix it. I just can't imagine!

Here is something amazing. Remember when we were growing up and the casts that they used were not able to get wet at all? You had to stay away from the pools and stay out of the rain. You had to put a plastic bag over it if you did take a bath. If you broke something during the summer then you were pretty much out for any summer fun. We paid extra but Nick got a water proof cast. I think that is great! He can take a shower (when we can get him to) and he can swim at camp if he wants to. I just think that is an amazing invention.

So how will he do at camp next week? I am not sure. The doctor said no skateboarding but do you think that meant anything to him? NOPE! He is still planning on taking it to camp and going to try to skateboard anyway. When Nick gets his mind set on something there is no changing it. I asked him if they would let him skateboard while he had a cast and he said he didn't know. I asked him what he would do if they said he couldn't. He told me that he just wouldn't skate then. I asked him if he would get upset and he said no. So I guess I will just trust that if they feel it isn't a good idea that he will abide by that and it will be ok. One can hope, can't they? I never know with him what will happen or how he will react. I can just pray for the best and leave it in God's hands.

Now I have to add this because it really bothers me. Above I mentioned his "so called friends". What did I mean by that? Let me tell you. There is a group of guys that come to the church and they all skateboard in the parking lot on Wednesday nights. Yesterday when he took his skateboard to church and they heard that he hurt his arm and wasn't very good at skateboarding they called him names and said he was stupid for it. As if they had been able to get on a skateboard the first time and ride and do tricks perfect! How dare they be so cruel. These guys he thought of as friends. My mamma claws came out and I wanted to turn those not so little brats over my knee and whip some sense into them.

How come people are so cruel to the ones that they pretend to be friends with. What happened to the code of friendship? Isn't there one? Wasn't there one? I used to think so. But it is so different than when I was a kid. I know I wasn't always the perfect friend but I don't remember being as cruel as kids are today. I have seen what my daughters "best friends" have done to her over their teenage years and into early adulthood. It isn't what I would call friendship. And it hurt her deeply. But there was nothing I could do to stop it just like there is nothing I can do to stop these boys from picking on my son. I can pray for true friends to be sent into their lives that they can depend on and grow strong friendships with. Just as I pray for their future spouses to be strong Christian people. That is really all we can do...give it to the Lord and keep praying, just keep praying.

Until next time...blessings to you.