Friday, October 24, 2008

Field Trip to the Park

Last week we had a day where we knew we wouldn't have any daycare kids until late afternoon. So I told the kids if they got up and got school done early we would spend the morning at the park. It was going to be a lovely day so we were very excited!

Our homeschool is relaxed in one way. The kids have their books in in a crate in the cabinet. Each morning they get them out and put them on the table. When they have completed a subject they put those books back into the crate. In the picture above they are working on their book study together. They had to look up some vocabulary words in the dictionary.

The park we went to was our favorite park from when my older two kids were little! It is called Creative Playground and it is on Fielder and Green Oaks. It is the best! We had many a birthday party there.

They loved running around all over the place and doing the rock climbing wall. They played for an hour and then JC rode his skateboard for a little while.

We took our drawing pads to the park so that after an hour of play they could get some art in. Nick drew the tire swing but wouldn't let me keep it or take a picture of it. He did a good job.

JC decided to draw a tree. He was very serious about his drawing. He really has a gift when it comes to drawing because it is something he loves to do. He wants to get all sorts of drawing materials so he can try lots of new styles.

I think he did a great job! He put all the little limbs on it and he loves to sign and date it. I wish he would learn to do it smaller so it takes up less attention from his drawing but I suppose that will come with time.

Jenni went around finding different leaves that she liked and she traced them and then taped them to the other page. That is a style in her nature book she learned from her last school.

This is her finished product. She didn't put them in the book exactly like she drew them. I had thought she would color the other ones or draw the lines on them but I think she was too tired from our day out. We had such a wonderful day. 

That is our progress report for today. Thanks for stopping by. 

Field Trip to the Circus

Two weeks ago we were given tickets to the circus in Fort Worth. It was such a treat because none of the kids got to go. We thought Sami was going to get to go with us but it didn't work out. We were very sad because she had never gone either. I know that sounds terrible that we never took them to the circus before, but there are a lot of things we have yet to do with our children. We are working on fixing that.

JC was the only one brave enough to ride the elephant! He loved it. It only went around in the ring twice. For $8 it should have gone around a few more times. But I suppose since we were gifted with the tickets it didn't hurt to spend that money on an elephant ride. He is the third from the front with a white cap on backwards.

The boys really enjoyed the motorcycles in a cage. There was a 10 year old riding one of them. It was something! It made me feel very nervous for them. They also liked the trapezes and high wire acts.

Jenni loved the rope climbers that spun around and did fancy moves in the air as they hung from silky material "ropes". She loved the poodles that did their act. There were also ladies that did fancy things with hula hoops.

JC took a picture of us and he did pretty good. All in all, we had a wonderful time at the circus. We love doing things with our family! What a blessing our friends are, too! Thanks so much for the tickets. It was a blast!

That is our progress report for today. Thanks for stopping by. 

***Since then we have discovered how badly they treat the elephants and other animals so we don't have any plans to return to the circus unless that changes. We are glad they got the experience of going and are thankful for the free tickets.