Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goodbye 2010

There is so much we can say about a year that has just past. Not all will be good, but not all will be bad. It's a good thing to look back and see the good and bad. Would you put the ordinary in the good or bad category? I suppose it would depend on your outlook on life. For some, the ordinary would be good because it would certainly be better than the bad things they have had to deal with. But some might look on the ordinary things in their lives as bad simply because they held no excitement or adventure. As you look back on your 2010, think about it.

In 2010 we have had our ups and downs. Some of the ups weren't so good! I have gained back my weight that I lost for my 25th wedding anniversary vow renewal two years before PLUS about 10 pounds more. That is depressing in and of itself. Maybe in 2011 I can lose it again. I feel like a yo-yo!

  • I began closing my very successful home daycare. That cut our yearly income in half. Our monthly bills began to get behind while I tried to find ways to make extra money to pay the bills. I went through the house and sold as much as I could, including many of my daycare things. The money went towards car repairs for hubby's car instead of paying off bills. But at least we had it. I tried to do a weekly parents night out that would bring in enough to pay the bills but people are just too busy to take that time to go out these days.
  • JC did FBCA basketball and Bible Drill during those months so we spend many hours going back and forth to the church for those activities plus the regular ones.
  • Hubby and I began a wonderful mission study called Perspectives. It opened up a whole new world for us and literally changed many of our perspectives on how missions are and should be done. At the end of that time we publicly announced God's call on our lives to do full time missions overseas. We began talking with our missions minister about what our next steps would be. We started blogging to keep people updated. 
  • In May I joined two writer's groups, the national one, American Christian Fiction Writers and a wonderful local one, DFW Ready Writers. I have learned so much from the local group because of the wonderful guest speakers we have each month at our meetings. I also started a writer's blog. I am doing book reviews on there and someday hope to have things that I have published on there, as well. If you are a published writer and would like me to review your book, just let me know. I love to read!
  • Sami turned 23, She started working for Lifetouch again through JCPenney's taking wonderful pictures.
  • JC turned 11, is in the 6th grade and has this one last year in the children's department.

  • The two younger kids and I spent the summer doing all the wonderful FBCA children's activities. We went to summer camp (that was a blast!) at Riverbend. We did VBS and VBSX (the after care program), Summer Fest (the musical), and WOW Camp. I had one of the best summers ever.
  • All the while I was putting in applications for jobs. I applied everywhere. In August I finally got a job but it was short lived.

  • My van got repossessed and I could no longer get to work. The kids and I walked many places, including church on Wednesday nights. As the weather got colder we stopped walking and started asking for rides.
  • I started subbing at the local schools that I could walk to. That was a lot of fun. I love working with the kids especially the younger ones. Fourth graders are a bit wild though. Hubby worked days for five weeks in November so I had to stop subbing.
  • Nick turned 18, got his GED.
  • Jenni turned 9 and is in the 4th grade. They are all growing up so quickly. We now have two grown children and two that are pre-teens. Life is full of adventures.
  • We started our new homeschool year with new curriculum. It is amazing! We are having so much fun with it. We are a part of a wonderful homeschool group that meets at our church every other Thursday. We also go on field trips together. As I said to them at our Christmas party, it is like these kids are all a huge group of cousins! They have become so close it is wonderful!
  • We started some NEW mission training called Panorama. That has been awesome! The kids have been doing a children's version of that program. Until now they hadn't done one for kids but it was something we felt so strongly about. We want them to be prepared and not just us for the adventures God has for us in the future.
  • We have also gotten involved with a mission ministry called Water for Christ. JC has actually gone out with his dad and worked on site to help drill practice wells. We hold monthly prayer meetings in our home for this group. We feel God is going to use us in this ministry to reach the unreached people groups of the world with the gospel of Christ. What an adventure!

  • Hubby went back on nights but still working seven days a week. The stress of that made our home life a bit difficult. He has put in for a day position that isn't management but we haven't heard anything yet. It would mean less hours for him working but it would also mean less money, a lot less money. But we know God will provide if that happens. We would rather him be home.
  • My 14 year old niece was killed in a car accident. It really makes you appreciate what you have and who you have. You need to make sure you tell those you love that you love them. Never let the sun go down on your anger. Go a step farther, never get into a big enough fight with someone that you would regret it if there was never a time to right things with them. It is OK to disagree with someone, just not to the point of anger. You also need to make a difference in others lives that you come in contact with because you just never know how much time you have on this earth to make a difference. 

While I am sure there are other things that have happened during the year, I have been working on this post for too long. There are things I wish I could undo in 2010 but I am hoping that I can use what I have learned from the good and the bad to make 2011 a better year. My next post will be my goals, short term and long term for 2011. 

Until next time...blessings to you.