Thursday, February 16, 2012

Home Based Group Valentine Party

Our group continues to grow. We had about 30 kids for our Valentine party. We had lots of goodies to eat, cupcakes to decorate, plus a game and craft. The kids were very involved in all of them. 

The girls (and boys) were given lots of papers and things to make cards or bookmarks. They really had fun of with all the fun paper. They even made some for their friends right then. 

One of Jenni's friends had a funny sense of humor and cut a piece of paper and wrote book-mark on it instead of decorating  it like a bookmark. 

Most of the boys decided to make a family crest. They turned our really cool. JC ran out of time and had to finish his at home. It is still waiting for him on my desk.

We had a wide range of ages, preschoolers to teens. They all seemed to have a great time working and visiting with each other. 

We had a fun game of Valentine Conversation Heart Bingo. We brought dollar store prizes for the winners. Then we went and ate all the goodies, some sweets and some veggies and fruit plates. 

I can honestly say that this group has been a highlight in our lives this year even more than before. We have done some really fun stuff. Plus the kids have made friends with LOTS of other homeschool kids their age. 

That is our progress report for today. Thanks for stopping by.