Monday, January 28, 2008

A Fun Day Shopping With My Girls

Yesterday was a girls day of shopping. Sami asked me if it would be a good day to go dress shopping and I said sure! We went a few different places before we ended up where we finally found dresses for them. But we had to see if we could get them somewhere else just so we would know. We ended up at David's Bridal and found just the right dresses so that they "match".
Jenni's dress has to be shortened and taken in on the sides near the top because she is so tiny. And that is a size 6. To save time we took the one they had in the store and had them pin it so they could take it in and hem the bottom and have it in the 4 week time that it would have taken to order it. It would have taken another 4 weeks to hem it for a total of 8 weeks and that would be cutting it pretty close. April 2 is 9 weeks away so that would be too close for comfort for me. And you never know what could happen between then and now. She also found the shoes she wants and we got to bring those home with us. I will more than likely let her wear them for Easter, too, but I will have to see about that since Easter is before the ceremony.
We found Sami a dress that had the same type of straps and the same tool like fabric over the top, with the bottom that flowed in a similar way. She looked so beautiful in it. We did choose Apple red as the color because it will look so good with my silver dress. I will need to find ties for the boys to match somehow. We were also lucky because they just put the dresses on sale so Sami's dress was $31 less than it would have been. That helped towards the alterations on Jenni's dress! 

After we paid for the dresses and shoes we came back home and I showed Sami some of the other things I had been thinking of and she gave me some great ideas. She said since it was a 25th anniversary we should have the original things at a table to show along with the wedding dress hung up in the background. I think that is a neat idea. She made me very happy yesterday and made it seem special.

I ordered my dress and it should arrive tomorrow! I will get to see if I even like it! And see how much I still need to lose and/or tone up in the next 9 weeks! I am too excited! I paid for our plane tickets for our "honeymoon", we put John's ring on layaway, picked up my rings last week and things are falling into place. I just need to figure out what I am doing with Nick while I am gone. That is my only complication at this point.

65 Days Till April 2!

Until next time...blessings to you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weight Update! First Goal Met!!!

Saturday I weighed in and had lost another 3 pounds! That makes 17.8 total! My 10% goal, which WW makes you set as your first goal, 10% of your weight, was 17 pounds. So Saturday I met my first goal, over 17 pounds! I am so excited! I am under 160 now!

These are size 10 pants that I have never fit into before!

My next goal will be to lose 10 more pounds in the next 10 weeks. Why 10 weeks? Good Question! In 10 weeks something very special is going to happen around here. John and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage on April 2 and will be doing a vow renewal ceremony and go on a honeymoon that we didn't do 25 years ago!!! So my goal is to be under 150 by then.

I have bought new clothes for our trip and will purchase a pretty silver dress for the vow renewal. We are exchanging new rings (white gold) and having a celebration afterwards in the fellowship hall. We are hoping that lots of family and friends will attend. A friend from church is doing the photography and we are going to have couple pics done before and then pics at the church on that night. We are going to display our wedding scrapbook and someone suggested we put pictures of our lives through the years on a disc and show them. That will take lots of work but we might do that. I will have to beg a friend to help with that since I just don't have the time. Not that I think anyone else does either, but...

71 days to go........

Until next time...blessings to you.