Friday, May 7, 2010

Schooling Outdoors

This school year has been so busy we have failed to take pictures and write about it. I will try to do better next school year! A few days ago we had a GREAT time. We found a nice spot in the middle the Highlands! Isn't that funny? Right in the middle of a shopping center. They have the landscape done so nicely with a "brook" running through it. We brought our lunch, math books and towels to sit on and had a fine picnic. We went into Borders afterwards to read a bit.

I am not sure what all we will find today at the book fair. We have talked about doing history and science during the summer months on our off weeks from summer activities. I think it will be much easier to do science when Dad isn't working the LONG hours he is now. Hoping that happens very soon. We are almost done with this years work. Soon I will have a 4th and 6th grader! yay! They are totally excited!

That is our progress report for today. Thanks for stopping by.