Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Thoughts

The blessings around me are many,
I'm not sure I can even count that high,
As I make my list in my mind,
It gives me wings and I feel like I can fly.
First and always,
I am thankful to the Lord above,
Who came down to Earth,
To show us His Love.
My husband works hard each night,
To put food on the table,
A roof over our heads,
And keep our home stable.
He loves the Lord,
And serves Him gladly,
As we work to share Jesus,
With those who need Him so badly.
We have been married for years,
25's the number we just hit,
We renewed our vows in April,
And then we split.
A dream trip we took,
To a far away state,
On the other side of the country,
Where we had steak on our plate.
Our first born is my Sunshine,
On a cloudy day,
She has grown up so quickly,
Her childhood days gone away.
She is over 21, all grown up,
And making her way,
I love that she calls,
Or texts me most every day.
We both like movies with songs and love stories,
Baking and shopping for clothes,
Although we have had our ups and downs,
We are so proud of her, I hope she knows.
Our next is a son, 16 this year,
Who is quite gifted at many things,
He plays the piano, bass,
Electric guitar, drums and sings.
He will be a star one day,
In front of a crowd,
Doing what he loves,
Singing and playing so loud.
Another son born 9 years ago,
He is a high spirited child,
Who loves sports, music,
And loves to run wild.
He has the ability,
To make me smile,
Even when I am sad,
Or have been mad for awhile.
Our fourth child,
Is a sweet little girl,
Whom God sent seven years ago,
To complete our world.
She loves all the things,
Other little girls do,
Dolls, barbies and stuffed animals,
Her bed is covered like a zoo.
She is like my shadow,
A clone at times,
I have to try and be careful,
That only my best side shines.
She is easy to correct,
And quick to listen,
Her smile brightens a room,
And her eyes just glisten.
As the years go by,
I cherish the moments we share,
I try to capture things on film,
And tell them how much we care.
Our families are spread out,
All over the place,
But the memories we've made,
Withstand time and space.
The same holds true for our dear sweet friends,
Those here with us now or gone from our days,
In one way or another they have touched our hearts,
Made us smile and showed us love in so many ways.
The mission and church family,
We serve along side,
Has been there for us in so many things,
Good and bad, even the bumpiest ride.
The home we live in,
Was a gift from above,
It meets our needs,
We try to fill it with love.
Our land in Westcliffe,
Is another such treasure,
We so long to live there,
The amount you can't measure.
The day care we have,
Is filled to the brim,
With wonderful families,
That feel just like kin.
My blogger friends,
Are a new joy to me,
They share a window into their world,
A glimpse of God in their lives for us to see.
If I sat here all night,
While I think and I ponder,
About the blessings God has given me,
The list could grow longer.
But that will have to wait,
For another new day,
For I have to get some sleep,
There just is no other way.
Thanksgiving has dawned,
Though the sun is still down,
Soon everyone will be awake,
And running around.
Turkey and stuffing to cook,
Pies and cookies to bake,
Smiles, laughter and hugs,
They leave in their wake.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving,
To YOU who stopped here,
May your day be filled with love,
And warm holiday cheer!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

School Pictures 2008

I finally got their "school" pictures done for this year! Last year they went to the private school and the photographer was terrible. So I didn't buy them. I did them myself this year. Not too bad!

2nd Grade/Age 7

4th Grade/Age 9 1/2

11th Grade/Age 16

That is our progress report for today. Thanks for stopping by. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fall Fun Festival 2008

One of the things we love to do is make out costumes out of something or take part of a costume and create the rest of it. Sometimes we are really good at that and other times, not so much.

Nick costume this year was the Joker (the one from the original Batman, played by Jack Nicholson). We got the top of the costume (a mask came with it but we tossed it in the trash, it was terrible!), got some green hair spray, some face paint and he had black pants and white gloves at the house. It turned out pretty cool! All the kids at church loved the Joker and wanted to go to his booth and play the games.

Jenni was Sleeping Beauty. We were lucky enough to find the costume and shoes at the Disney Store way early this year. It is a size too big but it was what they had so we got it. I spent tons of time trying to curl her hair, knowing that it would only stay curled for the first pictures and then it would fall out. But she looked beautiful for the pictures!

JC was Anikin Skywalker this year. We found the costume on sale and he had the light saber already, we just put fresh batteries in it. His is a size too big, as well. But he can wear it longer! There were so many Star Wars Characters at the FFF this year you would have thought they landed on Earth! He spent most of the night in saber wars with the other jr Star Wars characters running around. There were two families that were Star Wars (the Blevins-all 5 of them and Steve and Ella Smith and sons). Jake Blevins was Yoda and he kept doing some kind of move from the animated movie that was so cute!

This pose was her idea. She loves her brother very much! They have so many pictures together in front of these bushes! One day I will have to gather them up and put them on a page together...if I ever get time to scrapbook again. I barely have time to write on here!

Sami and Tim came, with their two dogs! One of her dogs was dressed up like a lady bug! Too cute, Harley! All the kids at the FFF wanted to come see the dogs! They said next year they ought to set up a booth and call it pet the dogs and give out candy! They might should!

My two girls together! Jenni is holding on to the lady bug Harley's leash. These two have such a sweet relationship! Funny how 14 years age difference in sisters will do that.

This is one of my favorites because of the look on her face! It was as if she was thinking, "I am standing next to the Joker?! O....K......" She loved his costume!

I hope you enjoyed a small peek of what we did on October 31. We don't really do Halloween but enjoy dressing up in fun costumes and going to church for fun, food, and fellowship with our church family.

Until next time...blessings to you.