Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nature Study

As I was washing the breakfast dishes Friday morning I saw spider webs glistening in the morning sunlight. An idea came to my mind! Let's study spiders today! So we got the camera and took some pictures. While we were out there we found a hurt butterfly. I almost got a picture of it on Jenni's leg but it startled her.

This was a neat web. It looks like it has something in it that the spider wrapped up. I wonder what kind of bug it was. We weren't sure but had lots of guesses.

We didn't see a spider even though there were so many webs all over the place.

Our pretty butterfly climbed on the gate as we watched it. Butterflies are one of my favorite of God's creation. Those who know me can tell you I have lots of things with butterflies on them in my home.

JC did his best to catch it and get a closer look. He finally did and we noticed that its wings were torn up. That is why it was on the ground and climbing up the gate instead of flying away. Poor thing.

The kids looked up information on four different spiders and did a report (mini report) on it and drew a picture of the one they chose. I wanted to share that with everyone. They did a good job.

The Wolf Spider by Jennifer

Wolf Spiders don't spin webs. They hunt for there food at night. They have very good eye sight. They have strong legs to make them run fast. They have four large and small eyes. Spiderlings will live on there mother's back until they are big enough to hunt on their own.

The Jumping Spider by Jonathan

umping Spiders are small. They have four pairs of eyes that can see their pray from 12 inches away. They can jump a very long way for such small spiders. It leaps on it's prey before the insect can see them. Jumping Spiders eat small insects. They do not make webs since they catch their prey by jumping on them. They are easily identified with their black and white markings. They have a hairy body.

I am very proud of their work and that they had a good time doing it. We went to soccer afterwards. Next week starts the games, this was just a practice week. I love being able to spend our days together doing fun things like this. Discovering Gods world and creations is an amazing thing!

That is our progress report for today. Thanks for stopping by.