Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Projects

Our Saturdays are usually filled with projects that take more time than we have on a weekday. We used to have those types of projects EVERY Saturday but it has gotten much less often. We usually do spend it going to the grocery store and maybe going to a mission meeting. We rarely have a Saturday that isn't filled with something to keep us from resting.

This Saturday afternoon John spent his time putting up a new ceiling fan over our kitchen table. I have the best husband ever! Even though it was the last thing he wanted to do, he did it. "Love ya, Babe!"

There were a few reasons we did that. One was because the light hung down so low that he was always hitting his head on it if the table got moved over. That was the least of the reasons for changing it. He had been doing that for the last 12 years. The light that was up there used a bunch of tiny lights that were not always easy to replace and just not cost effective. And the dinning room is a large room that opens into the den and the living room. The air in those three rooms never seem to cool off. With this new fan it should help the rooms stay cooler in the hotter months.

One of our biggest challenges right now is saving money and paying down debt. We have done a great deal towards that in the last couple of years. But our war against debt and high cost of living isn't over yet. We still have a bit to go and we need to learn to live on even less than we already do. I will be posting about ways we are working on that and making sure I put the links and ideas on the page I have made for that. I hope you will help me with some ideas and links to add.

I am so excited about this new blog. It is my hope that I will be able to make it fun and a blog you will want to visit often.

Until next time...Blessings to you!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

School Pictures 2011

This school year we took our school pictures in Colorado. We were there for a short visit with friends. We love it there and it was great to get away from the Texas heat for a bit. 

5th Grade Age 10

7th Grade Age 12

That is our progress report for today. Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Our School Year Has Begun 2011-2012

We have started our new school year. I made sure to take a few pictures of the kids while they were working. Most of the time I never think about it. I had my camera out so that it was on my mind to catch a few good ones.

The kids both have lap desks that they use. We have a large kitchen table but it is easier at times to just gather in the front room and spread out. We are very relaxed about it as long as they can do their work neatly.

We started out this year putting information in a datebook for each child to keep up with on their own. They have a weekly Bible verse (our church gives us a verse a week to memorize), a daily Bible reading (from our church as well) and a couple of chapters in the Bible from my planner. They will write down any other assignments in their datebooks to keep up with on their own. I really want to instill in them that they are responsible for things. They don't need to depend on someone else to help them remember.

They have been doing Math-U-See for the past 6 years so their teacher, Mr. Steve, is an "old friend". They see him at the book fair each year. We are continuing on with our Trail Guide to Learning series, Paths of Exploration and will go right into Paths of Settlement. I am using the Middle School Supplement for both kids even though only one is in middle school. Jenni has been able to do the hardest level of work just like her brother. If she shows she is struggling then I will level it back down to fit her needs.

For handwriting this year we are taking the weekly Bible verse that the church has for us to memorize and writing it in cursive each day. That will help them memorize the verse and help them with their cursive.

After lunch was a time to read. I went to check on them and maybe get a picture of them reading and I found her asleep with her new book in her hands. That is one reason I love homeschooling. We can get up early if we want and take an afternoon nap once the major subjects are taken care of. We will have assigned reading each day and at the end of the book the kids will do a book review and I will post it on here. I am very excited to see how their writing skills improve over the year, as well as the other skills we are working on.

We are also working on personal responsibilities, like keeping their rooms cleaned up, helping with the cooking and the cleaning. They already do those things but we are going to work on adding to their responsibilities in those areas.

As the weeks go on I will add music lessons, piano and guitar, to our daily schedule. We will do typing and drawing, too. But we are taking it slowly and getting the major subjects on track first. The kids will be doing fall and winter sports through our homeschool group and our church. They will also be learning how to horseback ride! We are so excited about that. The weather has to cool down first. We are hoping it will be soon.

Over the summer we did some major field trips. One of them was to Kenya, Africa for three weeks in June. We also went to Colorado for a week in July.

That's our progress report for today. Thanks for stopping by.