Monday, March 28, 2011

We did our first week long training with Water for All International in Paint Rock, TX. We trained with 6 others that week. It was a great time of learning and fellowship. The kids and I hung out at the house most of the time but there were times when either all or one of us went to help out at the drilling site. 

They are setting up the tri-pod up the first day. Then they kept on drilling. You can see part of the team pulling the rope on the left. The rest are working to get the tri-pod even so they will drill straight.

After you get to the water you have to pump the water for a bit before you finish out the well. Even Jonathan had a go at it.

After the well has been cased and cemented in you can build a frame around it and pour cement in it. You smooth it out and form an angle down the side for the water to run off. 

The spent much of their time building the parts that are needed to drill and finish out the wells. It was a very thorough class. But we know there is always more we can learn.

Until next time...blessings to you.