Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007 Memories

Christmas this year was really good and I feel so blessed in many ways. I did have daycare kids on Saturday and Sunday but was totally off on Monday and Tuesday! YAY! And John was off Sunday through Wednesday. He had to go to work on Wednesday night. 

Monday we got up early and went to the mall for a morning movie, National Treasure 2. It was pretty good. Then we walked around the mall. My darlin' hubby got me some things for my nails to help them grow on their own since I don't do the fake nails anymore because the chemicals are bad to use. We went to Applebees for lunch with a gift card that one of my daycare parents gave me. It was a great lunch. She got it for me because she knows I am doing Weight Watchers and they have a WW menu. We went to the Candlelight Service at church that night. My sweet little girl fell asleep at the beginning because we had a prayer time and she never opened her eyes after that. I tired to get her to wake up so she could do the candle at the end but not even that was enough to get her to wake up. That night after the service we let the kids open one of the family gifts we bought. They picked the one that contained a Pirates of the Caribbean Scene It. We played that and then they opened the movie that we got them with the third pirate movie in it. 

Tuesday, Christmas day, we got a text message from Sami saying she and her boyfriend, Tim would be here as soon as she got ready. She doesn't have a car so she had to wait till he picked her up. They got here around 6:30. We had a fire going in the fireplace and the Christmas music on. We opened the gifts and then started making breakfast while the kids played with their toys, even the big kids.

John loved his new cordless drill. He was very surprised. I am so glad I found something so cool to get him. I was excited when I came up with it because it is hard to shop for him sometimes.

Jenni loved that shirt! She got some clothes and some toys. I was glad she loved the clothes as much as she loved the toys. I can't say the same about JC He wanted a special Longhorns hoodie. I put it at the bottom of a box that had another hoodie (red) and some camo pants. He opened the box, took out the camo pants and saw the red hoodie and went to another gift. After about 20 minutes I realized he hadn't fully opened that gift and asked him to stop, slow down and look in that box again to really see what I got him. He finally saw the hoodie and has had it on almost the whole time since then.

I was given a Zune for my birthday in November and they got me a speaker for it. It is really neat. I can hook up the zune and you can hear my songs without headphones. Jenni got me a necklace from the shopping she did at school. JC got me an angel necklace. Nick got me the Bourne Ultimatum. And Sami got me a gift card from Bare Essentials, where I now buy my makeup.

Jenni got the 2007 American Girl doll, Nicki, who is from Colorado. She was so excited! She loves the cowboy boots and the puppy she came with. She also got a new Leapster. I got the two younger kids a box full of coloring books, drawing pads, colored pencils and crayons. They love to create.

Sami and JC got DS's. They were both excited. She got the special Nintendo Dogs edition and he got the special Legend of Zelda edition.

Nick got a Zune, like the one I got for my birthday. So he uses my speaker for it sometimes. It didn't take him long to get music uploaded to it. Tim helped him and me to get some things worked out with them.

A special Christmas present that I got was not something I can unwrap but rather something that will be experienced. As we were walking around the mall John asked me if Ben Bridge still had the platinum wedding set that we found a few years ago. On April 2 we will be celebrating 25 years of marriage. I have wanted a "silver" set because I like to wear silver and it is a silver wedding anniversary. So we went into the store to find out if they still had it. She looked it up on the computer and found out that since they haven't made it in a few years they only have 5 left in all of their stores. They are going to get it sent over to make sure it is the right one. While we were there we started looking at men's rings. We found a beautiful men's ring with crosses and lines chiseled in the white gold. I only paid $70 for his original wedding band which was two-toned but it has worn off. This isn't real expensive but more than what his first one cost. They are ordering that one for us too. We were so excited after we left the store. We started talking about a special trip to take in April and then got on the subject of a ceremony to renew our vows and exchange our new rings. So in April we are going to do that! Get married all over again. I am so excited! I am going to go dress shopping when I have lost some more weight because right now I have only lost 12 pounds.

I am not sure how my weight is doing. Christmas kind of threw me off even though Thanksgiving didn't. I weigh in tomorrow. With the kids home from school I haven't worked out, either. When they go back to school I will be back to the grind stone during nap time and will be able to get things going in the right direction again. I do want to be able to shop for new clothes for our trip, too. As far as the trip goes, I want so much to go to Hawaii but the chances of that are very slim. It costs so much and the time isn't on my side right now either. So I am trying to come up with ideas for a closer/shorter trip that will be wonderful for us.

I hope everyone had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did. May Christ be the center of your new year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all!!!

Until next time...blessings to you.