Friday, December 16, 2011

Just Stopping For a Cup of Coffee

It's been awhile but...I just have time for a short cup of coffee with you and then I am back to my sewing and other things to get ready for Christmas. I know I haven't blogged in awhile, on any of my blogs except my writer's blog for reviews that were due. My excuses? Well, I have many. We are never short of excuses, at least I'm not. Here are mine!

I have been so busy trying to get EXTRA homeschooling done so we can have the next two weeks off (the week before and week after Christmas) that we even pushed it farther and finished up this Tuesday (my son finished on Monday because he is over zealous). I have three or four posts for my homeschool blog that I NEED to get on there soon! Maybe the week AFTER Christmas I will be able to allow myself time to blog, maybe.

I have been trying to get the house in order for the inspection that should happen soon to get my kid care open. I've been hanging pictures on the wall, which got me to thinking about what OTHER pictures I NEED to put in frames and hang next to those. So far my picture walls look GREAT and I have some ideas on what I want to do. I will try to do a little each payday, get a couple of frames and/or order the prints I want to hang if I don't already have them. I know, that has NOTHING to do with the kid care. But it has to do with getting things out of boxes and on the walls like we actually LIVE here! It's all part of the whole, we are living here and now instead of living to move WHEREVER God is going to send us. We are OK with that but we have been living in that mentality for seven years, first for Colorado and then overseas. Like I said in another post, time to live our lives to the fullest here and now. For we aren't guaranteed tomorrow, so live today! 

I have been sewing! I CAN'T tell you WHAT I am sewing because someone MIGHT see this and find out what is under the tree for them! AFTER Christmas I will be sure to post pictures and details. Needless to say, sewing takes up a LOT of time. I am not even going to get it all done before the 25th, I don't think. I am going to keep trying. 

In fact, I need to get back to work now. My coffee is gone. I only have nine days left till Christmas so I better get busy! This is going to take more than that! 

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Until next time...blessings to you.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Homeschool Group Christmas Party

For our homeschool group Christmas party we had a lot of fun. We all brought goodies to eat and one of the moms put together a great craft for the kids. She brought different sizes of spoons and gave them choices on what to make. They each had the different colors of paint on their tables and had foil to work on. They each had the different colors of paint on their tables and had foil to work on. We had a very large group that day. Everyone had so much fun. They had to wait for directions for the character of their choice. We had a table full of goodies plus cookies for them to decorate. All of the kids enjoyed it, young and old. They had to paint the spoon first before adding any pipe cleaners. They drew on the faces with markers when needed. Then it was time to decorate cookies and eat them. Since we meet in the gym at the church they got to play after we were done. The kids love the new air hockey table.


Merry Christmas!

That's our progress report for today. Thanks for stopping by.