Tuesday, August 1, 2017

An Open Door

I often pray that if I am not supposed to walk through a door, that God will slam it shut, not just close it. I want it to be crystal clear that I'm not to do it. God knows my future and where each and every choice I make will take me. If we had a blue print that told us EXACTLY what we were supposed to do and not supposed to do then we would never have to worry about choosing the wrong path. Doesn't that sound amazing?! 

Oh, if life worked that way! But God guides us while giving US a choice of paths to choose all through life. It is up to us to make those decisions, right or wrong. 

I've made PLENTY of wrong choices in my 51 years. Haven't we all? When I am not spending time with Him, it isn't as easy to hear that still small voice of guidance. BUT, I can honestly say, I have learned some of my most valuable life lessons from those wrong choices. My goal is to use what I have learned to make better ones in the future and to allow them to shape me into a stronger, better person. That isn't to say I shouldn't be listening closer. It just means that God can use my mistakes to grow me as a person and shape me into who HE wants me to be, in spite of myself. 

It's more than OK to walk through those doors that you aren't 100% sure about. No, really, it is. You might find out it wasn't the path you were supposed to be on and you need to turn around and walk back OUT that door. If that happens, go ahead! But don't wait around refusing to LIVE each day because you aren't sure if it is the perfect choice. And don't give up just because everything isn't perfect. The RIGHT choices aren't going to be the EASY road. That isn't what makes them RIGHT. The RIGHT choices usually take MORE work.

My Open Door...

Earlier this year, I walked through a "door" that was one of MANY similar doors that I have chosen. All of those OTHER doors did not work out for me the way I had hoped. I gave some of them YEARS before I decided it wasn't for me. One of them I even tried more than once because I loved the company so much and the values behind it. My love for it didn't make it right for me. THIS door is different in many ways. It FEELS different. And more doors have been opening up as I have jumped in and gotten busy. 

Within a week of starting this new adventure, an opportunity to host a booth at a small childcare conference presented itself. Actually, I inquired about it not knowing if it was an option or not. I had never done a booth of any kind. I decided to run through that door when I found out it was available. It was a success because I met some great people and new friends. I've met MORE people from those people and it continues to grow.

I have enjoyed every aspect of my new business and I'm watching it grow daily. I attended the yearly conference in June. I went back and forth about making that happen. I just didn't see how I could do it. Let me share a secret with you...if it is IMPORTANT to you, you will find a way! After thinking it through many times, I decided to RUN through another open door! I had earned my entire start up cost back so I put that towards my conference fees. It was a smart business decision. I gained so much from attending. 

My advice...if something is important to you and you are serious about making it work, attend the events that come along with that, whatever they may be. It makes a shift in your thinking and believing that you will succeed. That doesn't mean that if you do that, it will make something that isn't right for you work. Trust me, I've been there, done that, too. I went because I wanted it to work. I gave it my best efforts. I encourage you to do that if you walk through a door, give it your best. 

Back to my new "open door"...

Yesterday, I was contacted by a friend of mine that I met early on in my kidcare days, I have been in the childcare business for 18 years. She wanted me to know that the childcare association that I used to be a member of, which is how we met, didn't have a vendor for my products. I hadn't even given it any thought because I just ASSUMED they had one. NEVER ASSUME! I looked into it and talked to the person in charge of it. After thinking about it for a couple of hours, listing the pros and cons, I decided to run through that door, too. 

I will be hosting a booth at a huge childcare conference next month. Along with this conference, I will be able to set up a booth at their small training events all over Texas, that they have at different times of the year (usually in the spring, if I am remembering correctly) at no extra charge. There are around 15 of them. Some of the providers do not attend conference but they do attend some of the free training in their area. I will be able to meet even more new people. People I have a LOT in common with. I know what they need in the business they are in. My business can help make theirs even better! 

That is my BIG opportunity. I can see it for what it could be because of what the small one I did brought me. I am so thankful for these open doors. I am thankful that I decided to take this leap of faith. I thought about it for a whole year. Yep! I waited almost 12 months to the day before I decided this was what I needed to do. I let FEAR stop me from running through this door. I was afraid of what people would say. I was afraid my past business ventures would make this one seem less real for other people. I decided to feel that fear and DO IT ANYWAY! 

I am so glad I did. THIS is THE ONE for me! I love everything about it. I love the parties. I love getting to talk to other people about my product and learning about their families. I love making REAL friends through the parties and my VIP page. I love bringing joy to others through my business. I am so thankful that this came into my life and I was brave enough to walk through the door regardless of the past. 

One more thing I want you to know...I actually use a LOT of what I learned from those OTHER opportunities that didn't work for me. The business skills I learned carry over. The people skills I learned carry over. The contacts I made carry over. DON'T snub your nose at your past experiences thinking there was nothing there for you. You didn't come through it with nothing to show for it. You gained more than you think. Take a moment and pick out some jewels from that time in your life. And be thankful for them. I know I am.

Open Doors are everywhere. Don't spend your life sitting on the couch scrolling while life passes you by. Get out there and find your passion and live it! Use it to bring joy into other people's lives. Bringing others joy causes you to feel joy, too. 

Have you been afraid to walk through some open doors that have come your way? 

Are you waiting for the "right" time to make a change? 

Are you just so set in your ways, stuck in a rut, that you just can't see yourself changing anything? 

Are you enjoying the life you lead right now? 

If you could change something what would it be? 

Dare to dream with me. Share something you wish you could make a reality within the next few years. I would love to hear about it.


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